Industry: Education
Profile: This concept is tentative for a Language learning center. The course includes open activities on an active holiday surrounded by nature and culture, where people will learn in an welcoming, fun and warm environment.
Industry: Game developer
Profile: The concept is tentative for Redlynx - a videogame developer and publisher with a ten year history and 100 games published. Among their games are Trials HD for Xbox, MotoHeroz for Wii, and DrawRace and Monster Trucks Nitro 1 + 2 for iPhone.
Industry: Technology
Profile: Technology company focused on cloud solutions, support and delivery. It helps determine a solution that takes a holistic approach to moving clients' IT business requirements into the cloud. Their biggest partner is Microsoft.
Industry: Service
Profile: This concept is tentative for a full service event management company located in Chicago Illinois. It specializes in producing world-class special events and festivals.
Industry: Financial
Profile: This concept is tentative for a start-up investment firm that focuses on smaller companies to invest in.
Industry: Education
Profile: This concept is tentative for a startup elearning company based in Seattle, Washington. They provide curriculum, software and services to high schools, public school districts and other online learning providers.
Industry: Media and Entertainment
Profile: This tentative design is for a Recording Studio Company.
Industry: Consultance
Profile:  This concept is tentative for a business advisory services (management, finance, legal). Their customers are companies that are looking for help managing growth, opportunities or problems.
Industry: Education
Profile: This concept is tentative for Leaning Towards, specializing in the personal growth, self healing and metaphysical fields. They provide information, online calls and classes on holistic, alternative health modalities, metaphysics, personal growth and spirituality.
Industry: Financial service
Profile: This concept is tentative for finanical advisory company. It provides advices on investment opportunities within the gold and energy sectors.
Industry: Media
Profile: This concept is tentative for yakstand - a new blog concept using the content of magazines to spark engaging conversation and interaction with it's members.
Industry: Creative
Profile: Ideoberg is an indepent design agency, helping build iconic identities for businesses and brands. The brand idea behind Ideoberg is 'Insights drive creativity'.
Industry: Utilities
Profile: This concept is tentative for a brand that sells luxury hand made, antique or extraordinary items for interior and landscape design.
Industry: Construction
Profile: This concept is tentative for a Swiss construction company who constructs and maintains apartments and residences for people over 50. It also offers tailor-made services like cleaning, catering, gym, office facilities and a basic healthcare service.
Industry: Food
Profile: This concept is tentative for a small artsan(coal fired) pizza place with some unique pizza and a catering full size pizza oven on a trailer.